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Reasons for a young person to consider a career in IT

  • Highly attractive salaries and conditions.

    An unprecedented range of employment opportunities both within and outside N Ireland.

  • Excellent career progression opportunities.

  • The IT sector is forecast to grow considerably in the next 5 -10 years and beyond so there will be lots of jobs in the future.

  • A wide range of pathways to access a career in IT currently available including fully funded Higher Level Apprenticeships.

  • A fast paced and exciting environment which offers experience of a range of industries and markets.

  • A realistic opportunity for your son/daughter to put their skills and qualifications to use as part of a dynamic global industry.

A breakdown of IT job roles available in N.I

Client Relations

Average annual pay in N.I. - £35,360

Business Manager

Average annual pay in N.I. - £44,720.00

Technical Engineer

Average annual pay in N.I.  - £42,650

Sales & Marketing

Average annual pay in N.I. - £44,220

Digital Designer

Average annual pay in N.I. - £30,160


Average annual pay in N.I. - £41,080

(Figures taken from Bring It On)

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